MonkeeTech Releases Demos for their Patented Product Send2mobile+™

Monkeetech LLC, discusses its family of Send2Mobile™ Patents and Patent Pending and the applicability of their intuitive marketing and mobile payment system.
MonkeeTech’s creators sought to improve the world of e-commerce by making it more interactive, personal and fun. Their new website showcases how they accomplished that with a total of four product demos. These recently patented products known as “Make an Offer” and “Let Me Know” are their hottest offerings, and the four demos here illustrate how this new platform will change online shopping, auctions, sporting-event ticket sales and travel planning, just to name a few. With these patented solutions, any merchant will be able to send special offers through texts or multimedia messaging directly to the mobile devices of their interested customers. Customers can buy faster just by replying to these messages, because the service arranges to keep their credit-card information securely on file for easy payment processing. The “Let Me Know” solution acts like a subscription service for people seeking out the latest deals from their favorite brands. Even more engaging is the “Make an Offer” solution that revolutionizes crowdfunding, online auctions and retail-store clearances. With “Make an Offer”, deal-seekers get the chance to name their price to purchase for whatever the merchant may offer. When the merchant agrees with their offered price, the buyer receives a text-message notification. Within seconds, buyers can then reply to the text- message and purchase their goods or services.

Send2Mobile+™ has currently four live demo’s demonstrating the platforms applicability in the industries of Travel Sales, Ticket Sales, and Online Auctions using its “Let Me Know” solution. MonkeeTech’s Retail Sales demo utilizes their “Make an Offer” solution which gives retailers the ability to have customers make an offer on closeout items.

Merchants and consumers are encouraged to try the demos and register their feedback and MonkeeTech will further customize its offerings, while preparing to go to market. For more details, contact Founding Partners Jeff Dinardo Jr. and Jeff Dinardo Sr. at (650) 762-5271.

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