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Per month

Top Features

  • 500 SMS/MMS per E- commerce store
  • Work on both IOS and Android
  • Send2mobileplus abandon page
  • S2M timed offer
  • Bulk product add or subtract
  • Sharing on social media
  • SMS and MMS picture messaging
  • Unlimited Contacts



Per month

Top Features

  • 1000 SMS/MMS per E- commerce store
  • Cart purchase links
  • Customizable SMS
  • Let Me Know when price down
  • Let Me Know when back in stock
  • Make An Offer
  • Abandon Carts SMS/MMS
  • Abandon Carts SMS/MMS settings



Per month

Top Features

  • 5000 SMS/MMS per E- commerce store
  • Inventory Intelligent
  • Add features on product basic
  • Branded messaging
  • Auto response
  • Tcpa / Ctia Compliant
  • Auto management on subscription
  • Auto upgrade and msg alert

Frequently asked questions

     Yes, please contact our sales team for more information. Contact Us.

       Yes! You will have full access to our platform and all of its features if you are signed up on any of our
paid plans. The difference between the plans is the text message allotment per month.

       Yes! When you utilize our branding feature on the mission controls dashboard you will have the
ability to brand all messages. Remember Unsubscribe Stop Start cannot be altered to remain in

       If you recently stopped receiving messages, or were opted-out without permission, it may be that
you recently switched cell providers or purchased a new phone. When this happens they will
sometimes unsubscribe you from any short code lists your number may be on.

       Yes! 55% of consumers prefer SMS as a point of contact from their favorite

       Yes, absolutely!

       Send2mobileplus was founded in 2014 and has a patent portfolio of several different

If you have any questions on any topics, feel free to Contact Us.

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