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We help e-commerce business grow sales via mobile interaction

Increase Your Revenue

Serve and connect with your customers more effectively via mobile text messaging! Maximize your Roi and grow sales upwards of 14%-35%

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Customers send products to their text message device for purchase.

Let Me Know

Don’t miss out the sale with LMK back in stock and LMK price down via  mobile text messaging.

Make An Offer

Accept, Reject or Counter all offers your customers send via text message.

Abandon Cart

Text message open rates 95% . Email 20%. Text Abandon Cart Works!

No Commitment

No contract needed. Cancel, Upgrade and Downgrade your plan at anytime.

Social Sharing

Your customers will share their purchases via FB, Instagram and other social sites instantly via text.

Smart Features, Fast Purchases

Connect with your customers.With open rates over 95%.

Send Abandon Cart text message, Receipts and Shipping Notifications. Send2mobileplus for shopify is powerful!

Data Driven Result for Your Shopify Store

Track conversions and customer insights via Send2mobileplus Mission Controls.

Created for Merchants by Merchants who have to make data driven decisions on the spot.

RixsonPivots increased their revenue by 21%

“Send2mobileplus has helped grow our revenue by 21%. Robust and simple. Conversational commerce via mobile text message is a must have. Customers Love it!”

- Stephen Cicala,

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