Multiple features

Simple and reliable features that help you to manage your store with ease

Send2Mobile from a mobile device

Fully integrated for recognize the inherent mobile messaging app and pull the selected send2mobiled product into that text for purchase.

Send2Mobile from a PC

Consumer simply click the send2mobile button to send a selected product to his/her monile device for further review. future of purchases. they are ready to purchase your storeis in their mobile phone fror immidiate purchase.

Let Me Know "Price Down"

Allow consumer to click the let me know price down button to be alerted via mobile text message of a price change for immediate purchase. Collect valuable data and create flash sales when there is a large.

Let Me Know back in stock

Allow consumers to receive an sms/mms messages when a products come back in stock for immediate purchase.

Make an offer

Allow consumer to meke an offer via their mobile text messaging deviceand complete their purchase if the offer is expected.

Make an offer time notification

Alert’s consumers of an expiring offer via their mobile text message. drives mobile sales and customer engagement customizable timed notifications for make an offer.

Make an offer "minimum price"

“Auto accept” an offer made from a minimum price and up.

Make an offer counter offer

if an offer is rejected manually or by the auto acceptance canned response the store owner can submit a counter offer to the consumer manually.

Abandoned cart SMS/MMS

Alert consumer via their mobile text messages device of an abandoned cart. text messages have a 99% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate enough said!

Page abandonment with timed settings sms/mms

Alerts consumers when leaving a commerce page to send a product to their mobile messaging device for later review or purchase.

Fully integrated analytics

To drive sales with over mission controls dashboardhas a fully customizable and color coded analystics dashboard to help drive sales and improve your customer engagement.

Fully customizable and branded canned responses

Customize your canned responses under the sms tab in our mission controls dashboard.

Text to display consumer activity

Consumer can text “activity” “receipt(s)” or “tracking” to retrieves their past order history and or shipment tracking.

Social Media share with friends

Customers can share their purchases or products via facebook, instagram, twitter, and linkedin via their text mobile messaging device.

Frequent uses reports

Text messages uses alerts when you plan is low text messages and usage bar to manage your monthly usage.

Conveinent pricing

Tiered monthly pricing plans and for a short time only 14 day free trial go entreprise- for a fully scalable plan for your business available through contacting us.

Seemless Integration

Integrates with shopify’s existing customer accounts, products and inventory levels with no hassle. full shopify pos integration.

Useful Configuration

Mass add or delete products from send2mobile, let me know and make an offer or use the products tab to manage on a more per product level.

Video Tutorials

Watch countless short, helpful videos to better understand send2mobile and to answer any questions you may have.


Email / SMS receipts

Customers can also obtain an emailed receipt or a text receipt by texting receipt(s).


Two-step authentication backed with reply to start/stops compliance.


Wide customization options, from customizing your messages to the color of the send2mobile, let me know and make an offer buttons.

Auto subscription renewal

Only monthly payment for continuous usage. cancel at anytime.

Easy installation

No hassle installation to get your company on path to start monetizing your mobile potential!

Bulk add or subtract S2M, MAO or LMK

Merchants can bulk add or subtract S2m, Mao or Lmk to specific products or add on a per product basis.

SMS/MMS picture messaging

Send2mobileplus sends both Sms (text messaging) and Mms (Picture messaging) 

Branded Messaging

Add/Alter branded messaging via the sms tab on the mission controls portal. 

Branded Logo

 Your Company’s logo is displayed to your customers via all mobile messages.