Monkeetech, Witnesses Industry Wide Adaptations of Its Patent Pending Send2Mobile+™ IM Marketing & Mobile Payment System

Monkeetech, LLC announces the timely release of its innovative, patent pending Send2Mobile+™ IM intuitive marketing and mobile payment system.

Monkeetech, LLC, a program development corporation located in West Babylon, New York, announced today that it is witnessing industry wide adaptations of its innovative, patent pending Send2Mobile+™ IM.

cropped-Monkeetech.pngSend2Mobile+™ IM is a unique, patent pending Instant Message marketing and mobile payment system. Within the Send2Mobile+™ IM is an innovative core function titled “Let Me Know”©. “Let Me Know”© enables the retailer and the customer to communicate directly, via instant messaging, in a manner unseen in the marketing industry. By using “Let Me Know”©, customers are now able to directly and personally inform retailers of what products or services they are most interested in and upon what terms they are ready to purchase.

A natural extension of the Send2Mobile+™ IM is with its “Make an Offer” functionality which will permit any Merchants website to allow its customers to Make an Offer on products or services right from their mobile device. The Merchant can then accept or decline the offer. If the Merchant accepts an SMS/MMS/IM branded message will be sent. Simply reply back and purchase: it’s that simple. Monkeetech is confident that the unique “Make an Offer” capabilities of Send2Mobile+™ IM will provide an exceptional value add to many e-commerce websites. Both Send2Mobile+™ “Let Me Know”© and “Make an Offer” are interactive mobile marketing solutions.

Jeffrey Dinardo, Jr., CEO of Monkeetech states that “the timing for the industry wide release of our Send2Mobile+™ IM is now perfect. Our patent pending Send2Mobile+™ IM is expected to qualify for a full Utility Patent very soon. Also, the industry news is now full of examples of how leading companies are reaching out to adapt the functionality of Send2Mobile+™ in their respective businesses.

Send2Mobile+ IM
US 20160086244 A1

The present invention is an instant message service (“IMS”) based interactive information, marketing and sales system, which provides a Merchant or Seller with a means to rapidly and effectively communicate with its customer base in order to facilitate the sale of a product or service from a Merchant’s website to a customer via a customer’s mobile computing device. The system represented by this invention is a voluntary, opted-in system, by which the customer provides its mobile telephone number or the telephone number of its chosen mobile device and the instant messaging system that the customer is using on its mobile device, to the Merchant or Seller. A customer then requests that the Merchant or Seller forward specific information to the customer concerning a particular product or service being sold by the Merchant or Seller. The present invention permits the customer to request that certain product specific information be transmitted by the Merchant to the customer’s mobile computing device via an instant message service (“IMS”) message, as soon as said information becomes available.

The present invention permits the Merchant or Seller to transmit a URL link from the Merchant’s website to a customer’s mobile number via instant message service (“IMS”) message transmitted directly from the web site page. Once received, a customer can then interact directly with a Merchant or Seller, from a customer’s mobile computing device, via the instant messaging service. This permits a customer to make inquiries about products or services, make offers to purchase or even to enter bids in online auction environments. The present invention permits a Merchant or Seller to forward via instant messaging service (“IMS”) message, a URL link which contains a short cut Icon to reside on the home page of the customer’s mobile computing device, which when clicked, will act as a short-cut to the Merchant’s web site. Also, this present invention permits a Merchant or Seller to forward via instant messaging service an instant message containing a URL link, which when selected by a customer permits the customer to immediately purchase a product or service from its mobile computing device.
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